Firefighter Mark Martine Awarded District Medal of Courage

186 Martine 2012 Class A

We are proud to announce Firefighter Mark Martine was recently awarded the District Medal of Courage and Award of Merit for involvement in an act of Bravery.

On May 19th, 2017 while off duty Firefighter Martine was traveling south through Georgia. While driving he observed smoke ahead rising above the trees. As he crested the hill he noticed a crashed RV resting on its passenger side and on fire. Martine along with about a half a dozen other motorists stopped to help assist with the crash.


Though he had no personal protective equipment Firefighter Martine knew there were people inside the crashed RV, and acted as any true hero would, without concern for his own safety. Firefighter Martine kicked in the top of the RV bunk area above the cab to free a male occupant from the burning RV. He then assisted an officer on-scene to pull the female occupant, who was on fire at the time, free from the wreckage. During this incident Firefighter Martine suffered minor burns and lacerations. The male passenger was treated for minor injuries and released. Unfortunately, the female passenger succumb to her injuries days later.


Firefighter Martine was also awarded the Commissioner’s Citation for Distinguished Service by the Georgia Department of Public Safety for his life saving actions that day. We are incredibly proud to serve alongside Firefighter Martine and are continually impressed by his dedication to public safety both on and off duty. Congratulations Firefighter Martine!

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