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The District is currently in the hiring process for the job position of Firefighter. The recruitment period runs from July 25, 2016 through August 12, 2016.

While paying attention to the temperature is important, it is also helpful to pay attention to the “feels like” temperature. The “feels like” temperature or heat index is a result of humidity. Heat index, calculated from the air temperature and relative humidity, is the heat stress that your body is subjected to. The heat index is the number to watch for during hot summer months.

Today is National Pet Fire Safety Day! Follow these tips to keep your four-legged friends safe from home fires.

Serving you in all aspects of fire protection.

San Carlos Park Fire District is responsible for the fire and life safety education for every member of our community from the very young to senior citizens and everyone in between.  SCPFD offers over 23 Fire and Life Safety Education programs to those who live and work in our community. SCPFD has a true commitment to fire and injury prevention with over 20,000 individuals receiving knowledge and skill based training a year.


San Carlos Park Fire District responds to over 3,000 incidents a year including Good Intent, Hazardous Condition, Service Call, Wildland Fire, EMS, as well as  Commercial and Residential Fire Alarms.  Each of our apparatus is fully equipped for Advanced Life Support and staffed with at least one credentialed paramedic at all times enabling us to maintain a exceptional level of Advanced Life Support.


The San Carlos Park Fire District leads the way into fire safety through close and critical inspections of all occupancies within our jurisdiction, new and existing alike. We are committed to serving the people of the SCPFD through leadership in life safety, inspection, investigation, code  enforcement, and code management.  SCPFD has a true commitment to protecting the more than 38,000 people in our community each day through fire prevention and life safety.